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Children’s Series

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Tree Boy

Saturday, June 15


Ticket Price: $10

When Avery uncovers a plot by his father to cut down his favourite tree, he enrolls his best friend to live with him in the yard (No TV! No video games! Nothing) to protest. But when a heated debate over soccer and global warming goes sour, Avery questions if he has the guts to be an Enviro-Man or is her merely, as his sister calls me, a Tree Boy.

Tree Boy is a fun and inspiring production that sheds some light on the importance of protecting our environment and standing up for what we believe in!

Appropriate for Kindergarten through Grade 6.

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The Dog Pound - Kids’ Style!

Saturday, July 20

11:00 am

Ticket Price: $10

Presented by Bad Dog Theatre

Some of the best improvisers in the country present a fast paced, interactive improv show for kids. 

An unforgettable comedy experience for ages 6 to 12.

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The Three Musketeers

Saturday, August 17

11:00 am

Ticket Price: $10

Want to join the bravest crew in all of France and protect the King? Young country lad D’Artagnan sure does, and has trained his whole life to do so. But he discovers it’s not so simple in DuffleBag’s adaptation of the timeless Alexandre Dumas adventure! His arrival in Paris becomes complicated by his stumbling onto Cardinal Richelieu’s secret plot to seize the throne, and accidentally alienating Porthos, Aramis and Athos, the very Musketeers he seeks to warn! Fortunately the Queen’s lady-in-waiting, Constance, is there to help him save “le Roi” and stop the dastardly plot once and for all!

All ages welcome!

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